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Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Exon Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Coronavirus has turned to an inevitable part of humans’ life today in various host communities. To confront the virus, health protocols declared by healthcare organizations have to be observed strictly; and, one of the factors always being emphasized by experts to confront Coronavirus is washing hands repeatedly. The reason is that touching contaminated objects is considered as one of the factors resulted in Coronavirus transmission. Therefore, Exon knowledge-based Company has designed and manufactured automatic hand sanitizer dispenser to increase society’s health level and to reduce number of people infected, under current conditions and due to Coronavirus global crisis.

Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Automatic hand sanitizer dispenser manufactured by knowledge-based Exon Company is highly applicable device manufactured to confront Coronavirus and to increase society’s health level. The product has been designed based on observation of health protocols and social distancing principle, upon which user can use it for touchless hand sanitization. The device can be used in hospitals, medical clinics, shops, organizations and administrations, educational institutions, hotels and restaurants, banks, industrial factories, mosques, and etc.

From among other advantages of using automatic hand sanitizer dispenser is controlling the amount of sanitizer used and saving it. When hands are placed in the proximity of precise electronic sensor installed in sanitizer dispenser, the pump would be triggered to dispense specific amount of sanitizer. This will lead to reduction of usage made of sanitizer and saving the amount; while, user wouldn’t be required to touch the device.

Characteristics of the Device

  • Highly precise electronic sensor;
  • Touchless hand sanitizing;
  • Reduction of hospital and laboratory wastes;
  • Too high saving rate in costs due to saving made in sanitizers;
  • Unique and beautiful design;
  • Simple method of usage with low noise and low energy consumption;
  • Very adequate price compared to other similar products; and,
  • Very high quality of manufacturing.


A 1500cc container considered in the device can be filled with different liquid sanitizers; while, it can be sprayed up to 2000 times, upon every time it is completely filled. 

Pump and electronic equipments used in the device have made it capable of being frequently used with minimum noise. From among other characteristics of the product, reference can be made to its beautiful and unique design which adds beauty to the place as well. This small size beautiful device has been decorated with various LEDs as a part of its design.

Using the device is very simple i.e. movement of person’s hands under the motion sensor installed in the device causes automatic spray of sanitizers on hands with no need to touch the device.