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Thermal shoe cover machine,
Exon knowledge-based company
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The cover and its shrinkable film surround the shoe three times faster than foreign machines

Compatible with a variety of Iranian and foreign rolls and have not the limitation for the machine in the use of special and expensive rolls (Guarantee of roll supply by the company)

Six-month warranty and 5-year after-sales service (Guarantee of supply of spare parts by the company)

No need for initial warmup time

Ability for a long-term and consecutive operation without overheating and malfunction

Automatic troubleshooting system


Thermal shoe cover machine is a device that is used to prevent the transmission of disease and contaminants that are transmitted through shoes

This device is suitable for installation in hospitals, medical centers, data centers, offices, pharmaceutical, and food companies, hotels, clubs, museums, meeting halls, training centers, etc


One of the advantages of Exon Medical's thermal shoe cover is the elimination of the restriction of using any kind of rolls compared to foreign devices, which ensures the supply of the roll cover by the company

Capacity to cover 2500 shoes using a single roll at a very good speed rate


Thermal shoe cover machine

Exon thermal shoe cover machine includes a pedal on which the PVC cover is placed. By pressing the pedal, the heat inside the device collects the cover around the shoe completely and automatically (Without the need for hands). The covers are rolled on the bottom of the machine and can be easily replaced. The operation of coming out and cutting the covers is also done completely automatically. Exon thermal shoe cover machine is the fastest shoe cover machine in the world, which has provided the possibility of covering shoes with the least possible time and cost via using modern technologies.


  • Fully automatic process without the need for manual intervention
  • If installed in a building, people do not need to change shoes frequently when entering and leaving the sterile environment
  • Using rolls to cover the shoes faster and better
  • Protects the environment from contaminants transmitted through the soles of shoes
  • Beautiful and user-friendly design
  • Easy to use process and the machine is very fast
  • Suitable dimensions and usable in different places
  • Very reasonable price compared to similar foreign models
  • Available and low-cost covers compared to similar foreign models
  • Full product warranty and support / Exon company guarantees the supply of device spare parts

Where can use the automatic shoe cover dispenser machine?

  • Hospitals, clinics, health centers, operating rooms, laboratories, photography centers, medical clinics, offices, cleanrooms, etc.
  • Factories, food companies, pharmaceutical companies, etc.
  • Hotels, inns, swimming pools, sports clubs, museums, cinemas, meeting halls, leisure centers, nursing homes, offices, shops, service centers, etc.
  • Universities, schools, kindergartens, research centers, etc.
  • Server rooms, computer rooms, electronics labs, etc.

    Exon thermal shoe cover machine

    Unique features of Exon thermal shoe cover machine

    • Equipped with UV to sterilize covers

      Due to the high sensitivity of some places to contamination (Such as laboratories, operating rooms, cleanrooms, etc.), the devices of Exon Electronics are equipped with UV lamps (harmless to the body) inside their tank that continuously sterilize the covers. This feature can be implemented at the request of the user. In contrast, none of the foreign devices have such a feature.
    • Ability to keep the covers sterile until the last moment

      Exon Electronic and Medical Equipment Company has made it possible for the covers to remain sterile inside the tank until the last moment for very sensitive places and to be ready to use only when needed. This is not possible in any shoe cover machines (mechanical, automatic, and thermal of other companies), and the covers are in constant contact with the environment and will be replaced immediately after use. Exon thermal cover devices support both modes based on user sensitivity and choice.
    • Unique services inside Iran and using special parts suitable for the country's market

      Exon Company thermal shoe cover machine is done in Iran from Az to Z, and after-sales services are guaranteed by the company. In addition, the device is designed based on the Iranian market and in case of malfunction of any of the parts, spare parts are available.
    • Guaranteed the product authenticity

      Exon Electronics Equipment Company is located in Iran and the goods can be procured directly and without intermediaries. Therefore, the authenticity of the devices is guaranteed by the company.
    • Periodically update for device is available

      Due to the fact that the manufacturer of Exon thermal shoe cover machines is located in Iran, in case of updating to improve the quality and efficiency of the device, the sold devices can be returned to the company for upgrading and updating.
    • Balance handle for the elderly, children, etc

      Depending on the type of application, Exon thermal shoe cover machines can be available in two models with handles - to maintain the balance of children, adults, and patients in kindergartens, hospitals, nursing homes, etc.- and without handles model, if there is a limit in the room to be produced. There are no foreign examples of thermal shoe cover machines with handles in the Iranian market (Or at least, they are few) and their prices are very high.
    • High shoe cover capacity

      In order to reduce the waste of time for changing the rolls of the machine, the Exon thermal shoe cover machine has the capacity of shrinking up to 2500 shoe soles. This capacity for similar imported foreign devices available in the Iran market is only 1000.
    • Variety of covers and easy accessibility

      Exon thermal shoe cover machine is designed in such a way that, unlike all other devices, there are no restrictions on the use of rolls. Therefore, regardless of the time and geographical conditions, the device can be adjusted according to the roles available in the market.
    • Low cost of covers

      Due to the provision of covers directly by the company and the elimination of intermediaries, the consumer can provide covers at much cheaper prices than similar foreign devices (less than half of the price).
    • High speed

      It only takes 3.5 seconds for the cover to come out of the device and shrink around the shoe in the Exon thermal shoe cover machine (at least half the time required for similar foreign machines). In other words, each person needs only 7 seconds to cover the shoes with the Exon thermal shoe cover machine. The time required for similar foreign devices is at least 16 seconds per person!
    • Very low energy consumption

      Energy consumption of Exon shoe thermal cover machine is very low and it depends on the number of people who use it. For every 100 uses, the device consumes 0.33 KW.h, which is equivalent to 10 minutes of using a 2000-watt home hair dryer!
    • Long design life and smooth performance

      One of the most important challenges of thermal shoe cover devices is that the device overheats and malfunctions after being used for a long time. Although Exon performs the cover operation in a very short time and does not have much time for cooling, it has been able to eliminate this important problem and provide the ability to cover in a row without rest, and without any malfunction.
    • The device gets ready for operation in a very short time.

      The Exon shoe thermal cover machine only needs 10 seconds to be ready and perform its operation after being connected to the mains. For similar foreign devices, it takes more than 120 seconds to prepare the device!

    Technical specifications and features of the device

    Maximum power consumption per 200 times of using (KW.h)
    Power consumption in standby mode (W)
    Voltage (V)
    Useful life (Lifespan)
    Initial starting time (Second)
    Shoe cover capacity
    2500 pcs
    Cover preparation time
    0.4 - 0.6
    Film Shaping time (Shrinking)
    2 - 3 seconds
    Ability to use for a long time without malfunction
    Dimension (cm)
    The cost of a shoe cover
    half the price of a similar foreign device
    Easy access to the cover
    Cover variety
    Cover supply by the Exon company
    Time needed to replace the film roll (s)
    Digital cover counter
    Non-Eco-Friendly cover
    Maximum shoe size
    Touch screen
    UV for sterilizing covers
    YES - upon user request
    Ability to keep the cover sterile until the last moment
    YES - upon user request
    YES – 6 months
    After sales service
    YES – 5 years
    Updating the device by the company
    Handle for the elderly, children, etc
    YES - upon user request
    Spare parts
    Authenticity of the device
    Direct purchasing

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