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Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is a therapy that emits light at the point of treatment in very narrow parallel beams of a certain wavelength. In physiotherapy, lasers are used to relieve pain, accelerate tissue regeneration, and reduce inflammation.

Types of Lasers in Physiotherapy

Two types of lasers are used in physiotherapy, one being below 500 mW and low level laser therapy (LLLT) and the other being over 500 mW and called High Power Laser Therapy. To be. In most treatments for neuro-musculoskeletal problems, effective treatment is achieved when the most energy is transmitted through photons, which depends on power and time.


Unique laser driver design

high efficiency driver design with 20 watts in continuous mode and output frequency up to 5 MHz in pulse mode.

Super pulse mode

thanks to fast analogue current control, we have a super pulse mode that leads to increase effective treatment depth

Ergonomic and user friendly design

light and ergonomic applicator causes less fatigue to the operator.

Product design language

a design philosophy that fits into the environment and gives character to its surrounding.

Multiple phase treatment protocols

each treatment protocol consists of multiple phases (CW, Super pulse, Normal pulse) to create an effective and smooth treatment

Active dry cooling system

to achieve optimal and consistent diode output over the long-term, we developed a dry cooling system with online feedback loop to keep the diode temperature at 23°C even with ambient temperature up to 38°C.

Unique design

a design philosophy that fits into the environment and gives character to its surrounding

More Penetration Depth, More Effective Treatment

With the use of pulsed laser therapy technology, a greater depth of penetration can be achieved. In this way, more effective treatment that focuses on the treatment is achieved without the risk of burns.


Exon PLANCK is capable of pulsed and continuous output.

Planck Specifications

  • Supply Voltage: 220v
  • Screen type: Full color- multi touch- 7inch
  • Continuous mode output power: 8W
  • Pulsed mode output power: 8w
  • Pulsed mode output frequency: 1Hz- 20 KHz
  • Wavelength of laser beam: 808 nm±10nm