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While studying material properties during electrical discharge in 1879, an English Physicist called Sir William Crookes proposed for a special type of gas to be named as fourth state of matter which has been resulted in future discoveries especially in medicine and cosmetic fields, and finally creation of Plasma Jet device. Ionizing gas between applicator and skin and creating heat and shrinkage in it, as well as through creation of electronic flux, the device affects skin membrane and this way causes rejuvenation and improvement of the tissue being treated, through simulation of cells.

Ivion Device

The device has been designed and manufacture by Exxon knowledge-based company. Advanced design of plasma generator circuits and then very light weight of the device has resulted in the device to be used in different countries by dermatologists and cosmetologists. In continuation, some features resulted in superiority of the device compared to its similar devices will be provided:

  • The only wireless device with true four watts power, when working with battery;
  • The only wireless device with power adjustment of 1% precision;
  • The only wireless device capable of working with electricity, when battery runs out;
  • The only device capable of controlling dimensions of DOT created, and DOT depth control;
  • The only device with simultaneous feedback of power and flow, as well as automatic application of energy package;
  • The only device with output of energy package in form of shot that output energy in it is not dependent on user’s skill and increases precision in therapy ;
  • The only wireless device with different series for different types of therapies;
  • Ergonomic and beautiful design;
  • Beautiful and simple user interface;
  • Having smart power saving system;
  • Very quick and accurate treatment through quantize state (automatic application of energy package into the tissue);
  • Having a very powerful battery compared to similar wireless devices;
  • Having full touchscreen monitor on pen; and,
  • Electronic components used in it being manufactured by best European and American companies.

Advantages of Plasma Therapy Compared with Surgical methods

  • No need to skin cut;
  • No need to stitches;
  • Very low risk;
  • Much lower side effects and convalescence;
  • Quick and simple method;
  • No thinning skin resulted;
  • Much cheaper.

Technical Specifications

  • 7inch touch screen on the main unit
  • 2 inch touch screen on the applicator (adjustable to all parameters on the applicator)
  • Has 26 treatment protocols (upgradable)
  • It has 1000 storage modes
  • Frequency Range: 1 Hz to 21 Hz
  • Operating voltage: 220 volts
  • Power frequency: 50 Hz
  • Protective Earth: Yes

Therapeutic Effects

  • Eyelid rejuvenation including reduction of lower and upper eyelid drooping, as well as elimination of fine lines;
  • Softening and removing face wrinkles: through activation of skin fibroblast cells through heat i.e. collagen and elastin production process in skin would be simulated and wrinkles would be removed unbelievably;
  • Reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth of smokers;
  • Treatment of different types of skin problems including pigmented spots, moles, spots resulted from sunlight damage, warts; naevus; as well as skin tags;
  • Face, forehead, neck and double chin lift;
  • Removing stretch marks or striae;
  • Hand rejuvenation;
  • Nose lift through nose plasma jet;
  • Firming loose skin;
  • Treatment of spider and superficial veins;
  • Removing moles, warts, and skin tags;
  • Removing bags or puffiness under eyes;
  • Removing milium cysts under eyelid (milk spots);
  • Non-injection lip augmentation: the method targets skin around lips and helps lip augmentation through tightening the tissue surrounding it;
  • Removing active acne in adults or scars;
  • Improvement of different scars such as colloid ones as well as post-surgical scars.
  • Removing cosmetic tattoos: through affecting dermal layer of skin i.e. where tattoo pigments are residing there with Am spraying technique and pulling out the pigments. Small wounds are created in skin through heating and imposing energy on skin upon plasma therapy. Then skin layers would be damaged and skin improvement procedure would be activated. Every session the device is used, tattoo will lose more its color;