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treats in the effective way

The Tecar Therapy device is intended for use by ordinary people. This device is intended to stimulate the physiological healing process and speed up the regeneration time. Tecar helps relieve chronic pain, improve motor ability and speed up wound healing.

Contractional Tecar Therapy

A new generation of tecar therapy

In our latest tecar therapy technology, a wide range of modulated RF waves are fed to the targeted muscles, resulting in muscle contraction, increased blood flow, more muscle strength, higher rates of metabolism, and an overall leap in effectiveness of tecar therapy.
This technology enables the therapists to target specific muscles and achieve more desirable results in fewer treatment sessions.


Ergonomic Applicator

The ergonomic applicator allows therapist to do manual therapy and Tecar Therapy at the same time, treats in the effective way and has more freedom in movement

Magical Hands

In manual Therapy, Therapist can attach an Exon Wach to his hands and begins to treat the patient through a manual therapy. During the manual therapy, the patient receives heat from the therapist's hands. With Exon watch you can use both Tecar therapy and manual therapy and observe the great clinical results

Exon Watch

Ergonomic Applicator

Superficial Applicator

The design of this applicator is such that therapists can treat over a surface area of a few centimeters and cover the sensitive areas.

Flexible Pads

Traditional solid plates were replaced by these pads. By sticking to the patient's skin, they enable more dynamic treatment even exercise is possible during treatment.

TECAR Features

Using VFS system, therapists can do treatment at different depths ( for soft tissues and hard tissues) without changing the applicator position and the type of applicator.

Bipolar Applicator

Thanks to the use of two poles in an applicator, therapists can treat local and superficial treatments without need a separate plate or pad.

Treatment Protocols

The treatment protocols are available in the device for various physical issues and cosmetic application.

Various Applicators

Exon Tecar Therapy provides various applicators according to your treatment.

therapists can determine the direction of treatment accurately And usin this applicator and with flexible pad. also treatment can be done both deeply and superficially using the VFS system.

therapeutic effects
  • fight pain
  • acts on inflammation
  • reduces recovery times
  • thermal effects
thermal effects
  • deep heat
  • increases blood supply
  • increases metabolism
  • increases elastic properties of fabrics
  • muscle relaxant
  • exchange of enzymatic reaction
  • reduce pain
athermal effects
  • reduces edema
  • reduces lymphatic edema
  • restores superficial tissues
  • beneficial treatment of ulcerative stasis
main therapeutic indication
  • muscle disorders
  • shoulder disorders
  • epicondylitis and epitrocleitis
  • painful and myotensive disease of the rachis
  • hip disorders
  • knee disorders
  • foot disorders
  • keloids and ulcers
  • medium- large muscles
  • cartilaggineum fabric
  • joints
  • tendons
  • fibrotic tissues
  • bone
  • cute
  • connective tissue
  • small muscles