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Exon Disinfection Tunnels

Researches performed on Covid-19 or Coronavirus shows that the virus is of high persistence in fresh air and on surfaces. Considering the point and from actions taken to confront the disease, reference can be made to disinfection of workplaces, public passages, sidewalks, as well as crowded places. Taking importance of the issue into consideration and to promote society’s health level, Exon knowledge-based Company has produced smart disinfection tunnels to be used all around the country (Iran).

Equipments used in the tunnel turn disinfectants into fine drops to be sprayed inside these fog tunnels so that people passing through which would be subjected to disinfectants sprayed on their body, via several nozzles installed in different angles. It goes without saying that, disinfectants used have been officially confirmed and create no respiratory and skin problems. For more information and to receive quotation, please contact our experts.

The device is equipped with an electronic sensor which detects presence of people inside the tunnel. This is exactly when disinfectants are set to be sprayed; and, this helps reduction of amount of disinfectants used and related costs, in turn. Sensors used in these tunnels are of good performance under sunlight as well as reflection of light.

Exon Knowledge-based Company

Exon knowledge-based Co. is a producer of advanced medical equipments and active in the production field of physiotherapy equipments. From among devices and equipments produced in this company, reference can be made to shock wave therapy, TECAR therapy, and laser therapy devices, and so on. In addition to its main activities, the company has begun designing anti-Coronavirus productions, from among which reference could be made to disinfection tunnels, thermal and automatic shoe cover machines, and laser thermometers. Disinfection gates/tunnels are devices used to disinfect people and they can be used at banks, hospitals, companies, passages, universities’ entrances and even at homes so that people entering the place or coming out of it would be disinfected.

Exon Disinfection Tunnels

Observing personal hygiene has been introduced as one of the primary and most important parameters to confront Coronavirus. Wearing face masks and gloves in addition to repeated hand washing are main parameters of this kind. In addition to observation of personal hygiene, disinfection of environment as well as infection prevention are other effective factors in reduction of Coronavirus infection for which disinfection gates have been designed and installed.

SG2 Disinfection Tunnels

Disinfection tunnel manufactured by Exon knowledge-based Co. made of steel skeleton and polycarbonate are of very beautiful design. This model is appropriate for office environments, clinics, hospital corridors, industrial factories, universities, metro and railway stations, houses, and etc. Mass production has resulted in the price to become more appropriate, despite high quality materials used in the product. Size of the model is 2x2x1.30m by default which could be customized based on customer’s need. Smart motion sensors control spray of disinfectants on people passing through the tunnel. There are nine nozzles used in the model which have been designed to be placed in such angles covering up all outer parts of an individual’s body. For more information, please contact our experts.

Shoe Disinfectant Compartment

High molecular weight of Coronavirus and its attachment to the floor would be resulted in the virus to be carried on shoe bottom, as one of the ways for its transmission. According to the research, the virus is highly transmittable through footwear; and, physicians as well as medical staff have been asked to make sure that their shoe bottoms have been disinfected. This is why; a compartment has been considered to be installed inside disinfection tunnels manufactured by Exon knowledge-based Co. so that entering the tunnel and putting your feet inside the compartment, your shoe bottom also would be disinfected. This could be very effective in prevention of the virus transmission. The compartment is equipped with an outlet and drain hose which controls level of disinfectants on tunnel’s floor. Tartan turf used side by side of the compartment gives more beautiful view to the tunnel and reduces moisture level of tunnel’s floor.
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  • SG3 Video

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  • SG3 Video

      Capabilities and Potentials
      provided by
      Exon Disinfection Gates

      • Complete disinfection of people passing through the gate;
      • Using fogging nozzles in best available angles;
      • Small size and dimension, capable of being used in small places and corridors;
      • Optimized usage of disinfectants through usage made of electronic sensors;
      • Usage made of 100 liters tank for disinfectant storage;
      • Usable in open air and under rain;
      • Appropriate for fast walking pace through the tunnel;
      • Installing shoe disinfectant compartment;
      • Unique and beautiful design;
      • Highly appropriate price;
      • Quick set up and operation;
      • High speed fogging;
      • Simple usage;

      Places where the device has been installed

      • Iran Fara Bourse
      • The Industrial Development & Renovation Organization of Iran
      • Iranian mines and mining industries development and renovation organization
      • Industrial Management Institute
      • Besat power plant
      • Zarin Pakhsh Co
      • Taj Mahal Hotel
      • Rougine Pharmed
      • Faculty of Management University of Tehran
      • Zendegi Complex
      • Nippon Paint
      • Shahid Mohammadi Hospital
      • Limon Kitchen Supply
      • Ministry of Information and Communications Technology of Iran
      • Golgohar Mining and Industrial, Sirjan, Kerman
      • kia middle east trading company
      • Esteghlal Football Team
      • Iranian Physiotherapy
      • Hi Market
      • Hosseinieh Beit Al-Raqiya
      • Homa Hotel 2
      • Ghasedak Kindergarten
      • Karnameh Acting Institute
      • Pars Laame
      • Nayeb Restaurant
      • Ronix Company

        Making an order for Exon Disinfection Tunnel

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        Export to Other Countries

          Target Markets (Disinfection Tunnel)

          Target markets of the product are where people are required to become disinfected while entering a place or leaving it, including hospitals, airports, railway stations, shopping centers, business complexes, clinics, companies, universities, industrial factories, houses, main urban sidewalks, gathering places, and etc. in addition to:
          Transport terminals
          Transport terminals
          Houses and residential complexes
          Shopping and business centers
          Hospitals and health centers

          Press Release

          News of disinfection gates manufactured by Exon knowledge-based Co. has been released by:
          Young Journalists Club (YJC)- Coronavirus, Disinfection tunnel design and manufacture
          IRNA News Agency- Manufacture of disinfection gate in Alborz Province
          Alborz Science and Technology Park- Manufacture of disinfection tunnel by Alborz Science and Technology Park’s knowledge-based company
          Ministry of Science, Research and Technology’s website- Design and manufacture of disinfection tunnel by technicians in Alborz Science and Technolgy Park
          Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA)- Commencement of mass production of anti-Coronavirus tunnels in Alborz Science and Technology Park