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Joint product with Germany

The most advanced Tecar machine

It has the most diverse applicators in the field of therapy and beauty

It has a variety of unipolar and bipolar applicator series


Bipolar regional flex applicator
The ability to change the size between two poles on the face in order to strengthen the facial muscles aerobically and thermally with the therapeutic goals of speciation, creating symmetry in the face and increasing the volume and strengthening the muscles selectively in the face, as well as creating rejuvenation and deep lifting at the muscle level

Fraction Crown Mmicro Lenz

Fractional applicator or micro lens
For focusing radio frequency waves deep in the dermis for skin rejuvenation and increasing skin elasticity, closing skin pores, treating acne scars, suture scars, and wound scars. It has 3 cartridges with 100, 175, 225 nanoneedles, which are the penetration depth and focal point of Araf waves. It is controlled, without wounding the skin with nano-needles, RF waves are sent deep into the skin and the ability to change the depth of penetration to the layer and the focus of the RF waves in different depths of the skin by adjusting the focus area.

nova hexo

Capacitive and resistance vaginal applicator

For the treatment of areas that require thermal-aerobic-selective strengthening of muscles in the form of six polarity and single polarity, with capacitive and resistance modes, heating and non-heating mode in the software to relax the muscles, this applicator can be used for tightening and rejuvenation. It also has a complete treatment for pelvic floor diseases, including prolapse and urinary incontinence, etc. with the ability to adjust the amount of connection accurately.

Capacitive vaginal applicator

Resistance vaginal applicator


It has 4 ergonomic applicators: 2 capacitors and 2 resistors with the ability to be identified by the device and send simulated brain waves in the majority of radio frequency including beta-alpha-gamma waves.

Applicator series

Unipolar and bipolar in resistive and capacitive models

Smart Heat

It has an intelligent temperature control applicator with 4 different series of bipolar, monopolar, which is presented in capacitive and resistive form, with the ability to replace all series, it has a temperature sensor by radio frequency waves.

Flexible plate

Very easy plating in different areas of the body

Ergo Manual

Transferring heat through the therapist's hands