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tecar therapy

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TECAR Therapy Device

Tecar therapy device is one of the most advanced electrotherapy equipments available in medical and physiotherapy centers, satisfying experts’ needs in relation to surgeries performed for disease treatment. Through a percutaneous procedure and using an applicator, sound waves would be sent by the device to injured tissues so that therapeutic processes would be stimulated and recovery of injuries would be expedited. Type of treatment taken place via this device is so called Tecar therapy. Waves administered by Tecar device will lead to increase of blood circulation in the area they are applied. This in turn will lead to increase of blood supply to injured tissues and increasing receipt of nutrients in these tissues. So, pain would be alleviated and reconstruction of injured tissues would be expedited. The method is completely non-aggressive i.e. during therapy there would be no need to surgery to be performed on body, at all. Tecar in physiotherapy is also known as RF (nonablative radiofrequency).

Considering technology used in Tecar device manufactured by Exxon knowledge-based company, it is also used in relation to beauty and skin rejuvenation in addition to clinical applications. VFS technology used in the device provides therapeutic experts with possibility of controlling penetration depth which enables them to take advantage of therapies provided by the method both for depth therapies (deep skeleton pains and chronic inflammations) and superficial treatments (beauty and skin rejuvenation cases).

دستگاه تکارتراپی شرکت اکسون

  • Reducing chronic inflammations;
  • Reducing limited body movements due to pain in injured tissues;
  • Expediting healing of wounds and postoperative rehabilitation;
  • Helping treatment of various types of injuries and muscle strains;
  • Helping expedition of fracture healing;
  • Improving cell metabolism;
  • Treatment of trigger point;
  • Healing bone spurs; joint capsular stiffness; and, disk protrusion;
  • Helping expedition of treatment in tendons and ligaments’ tearing;
  • Rehabilitation of patients;
  • Bursitis;
  • Healing of lumbago and expediting its treatment;
  • Neck pain;
  • Knee pain;
  • Shoulder joints pain;
  • Osteoarthritis;
  • Ankle sprain;
  • Ptosis;
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome; and,


Tecar device used in beauty functions

Tecar device manufactured by Exxon provides therapist with penetration depth control and the possibility of treatment to be performed on upper body. From beauty functions provided by Exxon Tecar device, reference can be made to the following points:

  • Removing red blotches;
  • Increasing glowing skin;
  • Helping elimination of skin wrinkles;
  • Removing obesity localized in different regions; and,


RF in Physiotherapy

Any injury occurring to the body usually is accompanied with pain and limited movements in body parts. Pain in every part of the body creates dissatisfaction and unpleasant feelings for patients; and, pain and injury will force patients to limit their body movements while performing their activities so that they can prevent increase of pain and severity of injury. This by itself causes more muscular weakness and new joint pains that bring about more problems for patients. In physiotherapy, RF stimulates microcirculation and promotes lymph flow through which material resulted from tissue worn out will be removed from painful area; and, condition would be provided for input of new materials so that tissue repair would be started. Also, being effective on free nerve endings and blocking pain pathways through release of endrophins, pain would be relieved. Radiofrequency waves of Tecar will readjust neuroreceptors as well which also will lead to pain relief. Therefore, Tecar has therapeutic effects on pain and it is not just used to reduce it.

Various Types of Tecar Therapy Device

Tecar therapy device manufactured by Exxon knowledge-based company is provided in three types of basic Tecar, Tecar plus, and contractional tecar therapy, each of which having especial price based on their features. For more information, please contact our salespersons.