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What is Tecar therapy device and it's applications

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The Tecar therapy device is important and necessary in physiotherapy. Tecar therapy is a treatment that treats some complications based on the production of radiofrequency waves. This method is a brand new and advanced method in physiotherapy that has many effects on treatment and beauty. This method is generally used to treat bone and skeletal injuries, joints, as well as muscles and soft parts of the body.

How does the Tecar Therapy device work?

As a patient who intends to use this method or a clinic that is trying to purchase this device to place in its physiotherapy services; it is better to know how the tecar therapy device works. In general, this device treats based on capacitive energy transfer current. This device consists of an insulation plate of capacitive frequencies that can reach the frequencies to the deepest parts of the body. Note that this device must be adjusted to the appropriate position to achieve greater effectiveness. This device emits high-frequency waves that promote muscle contraction and expansion. This increases the level of oxygen and heat inside the muscle as well as increases blood circulation in that area. So these procedures can eliminate the problem in the muscle and the desired part.

Tecar Therapy device application

Tecar therapy device provides many use cases for different purposes. It could be used in the field of healing bruises and dislocations, to improve several issues such as sports injuries and postoperative rehabilitation, the condition of the pelvic floor, acute joint pain, vascular and lymphatic system, and the condition of the spinal cord.

What are some advantages of this device?

As mentioned earlier, the tecar therapy device provides non-invasive treatment for patients. This treatment process entirely relies on electromagnetic instructions, not on any other external factor that could affect the treatment. In fact, it helps your body by improving blood circulation and raising the temperature to go through the healing process. This device causes the secretion of analgesic hormones in the body that can bring a lot of comfort to the patient. Besides improving the general condition of your body, this device dramatically increases the range of motion of your muscles that lets you comfortably use them. You will not feel any pain during the treatment with tecar therapy to enjoy the full benefits of an uncomplicated and painless treatment.

Are there any side effects of the tecar therapy device?

After discussing the benefits of using a tecar therapy device, it is better to consider the side effects of tecar therapy. It is completely safe, with no risk or side effects.  There is no report showing its side effects until today. Tecar therapy uses bio-energy that is compatible with your body's tissues, which makes it have no side effects. To put it in plain words, tecar therapy, in fact, is a massage service that takes advantage of electromagnetic waves. Are there any side effects of massage services? No. It is also the case with tecar therapy.

How much tecar therapy costs?

You may ask how much it costs to use tecar therapy services. You should consider there are several factors, such as treatment sessions, the treatment area, and the type of device that contribute to the cost of the tecar therapy services.

How long does it take to see its results?

Research shows that right after a single tecar therapy session, you can immediately observe its results. During a treatment session, the device promotes contraction and expansion, and blood circulation and oxygen in the desired tissue. Therefore, once you start to use this device's services, you can see its improving results. Tecar therapy is known as one of the fastest treatment methods with the highest quality for some injuries that is useful to cut the recovery time.

Who can not use tecar therapy?

This treatment method has some limits. For example, people with diabetes, cancer, pregnant women, and people who use pacemakers cannot use this type of treatment.

How much tecar therapy device costs?

You may be curious how much it costs to buy a tecar therapy device for your physiotherapy clinic. Note that it does not matter how much it costs, because by buying it, you can gain much more than the amount you spend on the device. Since it has several wonderful features, satisfies many patients. We cannot present a single price that fits all tecar therapy devices. Several factors, including origin country, manufacturer brand, output power, supporting different frequencies, and providing equipment, affect the price of this device.


In this article, we tried to provide content about tecar therapy devices and their features in general. It is a highly practical device that offers treatment for various health problems. Several diseases such as muscle spasms, osteoarthritis, sprains, joint pain, hand ligament rupture, tendon injuries, and joint dryness could be easily treated with this device. Regarding the range of diseases that tecar therapy device supports, you can see clearly how having this device in physiotherapy clinic is vital and important.