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Overview of the shoe cover machine and its application

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You may have thought that our shoes also transmit pollution and diseases, which in turn causes health problems.

What is a shoe cover device?

It is a device that uses it to transmit diseases and contamination to its lowest level through shoes.

In which places is the cover device used?

Hospitals, clinics, health centers, operating rooms, laboratories, photography centers, medical clinics, offices, clean rooms, etc.

Factories, food companies, pharmaceutical companies, etc.

Servers, computer rooms, electronics labs, etc.

Hotels, inns, swimming pools, sports clubs, museums, cinemas, entertainment centers, etc.

Universities, schools, kindergartens, research centers, schools, etc.

Meeting rooms, nursing homes, offices, shops, service centers, etc.

Exon automatic shoe cover machine:

The advantage of our company device is that it has the ability to cover 2500 shoes continuously. According to the findings of our experts, the device on the market covers only 1000 shoes. This is one of the capabilities of our device compared to similar devices.

Another feature of the thermal cover machine is compatibility with various Iranian and even foreign rolls. This feature distinguishes our product from similar products.