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General knowledge of physiotherapist

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Physiotherapy methods usually try to use less painkillers to reduce pain because the least side effects drugs usually leave long-term side effects. The body with long-term use of painkillers has the ability to cope with Loses pain, which becomes a problem for people with age. Physiotherapy treatments with cell stimulation activate the body's natural mechanisms to heal damaged tissues and help increase oxygenation to tissues by increasing blood flow, thus providing safe and uncomplicated treatment for patients. This is why physiotherapy is called non-invasive and protective therapy.

Who is a physiotherapist?

A person who, by passing scientific education in the field of physiotherapy, helps patients who suffer from complications such as back pain, neck pain, knee pain, etc., to regain their health.

The treatments that a physiotherapist uses are:

Massage to relieve soft tissue pain
Joint mobilization or manipulation
• Exercises to strengthen the weak parts
• Use cold to reduce swelling
Use heat to increase blood circulation to the muscles
• Ultrasound therapy
• Electrical stimulation

What areas can a physiotherapist work in:

Cardiopulmonary physiotherapist
Physiotherapists specializing in electrotherapy
Elderly physiotherapist
Physiotherapist of neurological diseases
Orthopedic physiotherapists
Pediatric physiotherapists
Sports physiotherapy
Women's health physiotherapist

Where Physiotherapists Can Work:
Rehabilitation centers
Home nursing services
Sports teams

In this article, we wanted physiotherapists who are planning to start a clinic and do not know where to start to get a little help and know where to start.