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Things physiotherapists should consider when setting up a clinic

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What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a method of treating neurological, muscular and skeletal diseases using mechanical equipment, electronic currents and sports exercises. In this method, exercise, light, ultraviolet and infrared rays, heat and electricity are used to re-apply and rehabilitate the organs of the body.
Today, due to changes in people's lifestyles, inactivity and lack of exercise, referrals to physiotherapy centers have increased and has made most of the qualified physiotherapy graduates think about establishing rehabilitation centers. In order to establish such centers, it is necessary to first be aware of the conditions of its establishment and operation, and then obtain a license and establishment license. Therefore, in order to make the volunteers more familiar with how to establish physiotherapy, we will explain its conditions in the following.
After graduating from university, every physiotherapist thinks of establishing a physiotherapy clinic for himself, but he does not have the necessary experience to do so. To do this, he seeks to research the devices he needs for his clinic. In this article we will help you how to set up a physiotherapy clinic.


Who can be licensed to establish a physiotherapy clinic:

BS in Physiotherapy
M.Sc. Physiotherapy
Ph.D. Physiotherapy
Specialist in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation


General Tips a Physiotherapist Should Know:

One of the most important things about establishing a clinic is having a good plan, and looking for the city in which the clinic is established, recognizing the needs and shortcomings of that city, this will help a lot to attract patients. Does and has the knowledge of a physiotherapist.


The devices that have a higher priority than other devices are as follows:

Laser: Due to the appropriate insurance coverage and specific tariffs and satisfaction of most patients.
Shockwave: Good tariff and high effectiveness and appropriate treatment time and numerous articles that exist and are used in the field of beauty, urology, and lorology, etc.
Tecar: It has a good tariff and good effectiveness, but at the moment it has not been able to meet the expectations of physiotherapists from this device, but over time and over time, they need this device.