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Physiotherapist and Exercise Physiologist: Comparison

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Physiotherapists are paid more than sports (Exercise) physiologists and have a better career prospect. Physiotherapists work with patients who have been injured or affected by an illness. They are qualified to diagnose the patient's condition and use different strategies to treat their disease. Exercise physiologists work with people who have the disease by implementing exercise programs to improve patients' condition. The following sections show the similarities and differences between the two professions.


Physiotherapist and Exercise Physiologist: Responsibilities

Both physiotherapists and exercise physiologists are involved in treating people with medical problems and can be hired in a hospital or a medical centre. Physiotherapists are qualified to diagnose patients and may use exercise (assistive) devices to treat their patients. The goal of the rule of a physiotherapist is to help patients achieve restoration of motor function or pain management. Exercise therapists focus on helping their patients improve their physical condition through exercise. They may create programs with a specific focus, such as helping the patient lose weight.


Physiotherapist Job Description

  • They identify the cause of the patient's medical problems

  • They create treatment plans for patients

  • They set goals for the patient's progress

  • They teach patients exercises that can help their condition

  • They teach patients how to use devices such as walkers

  • They record and observe patient progress

Exercise physiologist

Exercise physiologists can enter the profession with a bachelor's degree. A high percentage of exercise physiologists are self-employed, while others work in hospitals or medical centers. Those who work in medical centers may consult with physicians to determine the best approach to treat patients. Exercise physiologists often work with patients who are affected by the disease and create exercise programs for them that improve their condition.

Exercise physiologist Job Description

  • They examine the patient's medical condition
  • They perform experiments on patients using medical equipment
  • They evaluate test results and relevant medical data
  • They create an exercise program for patients
  • They teach patients how to do exercises
  • They evaluates the effectiveness of treatment